Jermaine Wilson Commits to Humboldt State

NCAA D2 Full Basketball Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that Germaine Wilson, who has played for Branch West for the last three years, has been offered and accepted a full basketball scholarship to Humboldt State, one of the top 3 NCAA D2 programs in the Western USA, over the last 20 years. Head Coach Steve Kinder offered the scholarship last week and Germaine accepted and signed. He will begin college this fall as a freshman.

As is the case with many of the NCAA D2 programs, they have packaged up his Pell Grant and Cal Grants with academic aid and athletic scholarship, to total a full basketball scholarship, without which, Germaine could not afford college.

Germaine is the epitome of the term "late developer". He started playing basketball when he was already in high school. Though it has not come easy, he has seemed an improved player, almost every time I saw him, over that period.

He has matured into a first class rebounder, on both boards. He has long arms, is relatively strong, has a great deal of heart and is a quality defender, shot blocker and rebounder at the defensive end of the court.

On offense, he is not a go to scorer in the low post. However, he attacks the offensive boards ferociously, and scores often with offensive rebound/ put backs. He is a solid B average student. He is an inner city youngster, raised by a single mom. Germaine is an extremely quiet, almost shy young man who is extremely well liked by everyone he comes in contact with.

As part of the Branch West "Give Back" program, he has played for Branch West at no cost for three years, and was recruited to Humboldt State, directly through the efforts of Bob Gottlieb and the Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service, all pro bono to the family.

Germaine has been coached by Donnell Meekins, both at Morningside H.S. and Branch West Red. He is primarily responsible for Germaine's tremendous progress as a player, these past years.

Germaine graduated Morningside H.S. in 2012, and attended the brand new LA Prep, this past year, coached by the well-respected Mike Miller, highly successful former JC coach in the area. However, Germaine hurt his hip in December and hardly played the entire year for LA Prep.

Germaine is the 4th athlete to be recruited to Humboldt State on scholarship to Humboldts State through the Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service.. Ernie Spada 6'0" combo gd from Portland, OR, started all 4 years for Humboldt State. He was the starting pg on the State Championship Lake Oswego H.S. team in Portland, that featured Kevin Love, now in the NBA with Minnesota. Ryan Wilbur from Orange County, CA and Wil Petty from Northern California, were the other two.

Athletes in the Class of 2014 and 2015 interested in information concerning our assistance in recruiting may contact BG at the following.

Bob Gottlieb
Branch West Recruiting Assistance Service