Why Post Grad?

Imrpove Academics & Maturity While Preserving College Eligibility:

Many graduating seniors today are searching for a year where they can live independently and better prepare for the rigors of college life.

There may be academic reasons why taking an extra year between high school and college is the best course of action. SAT/ACT issues, GPA problems, and the chance to take college credits in advance are the primary academic benefits offered.

Colleges fully recognize the value of students enrolling after a post-grad experience. Coaches appreciate that athletes from post grad programs enroll with four full years of eligibility remaining. That is not the case after competing at the junior college level. Parents rest assured knowing that the post-grad experience will help their son acclimate to college so much easier. These combined elements lay a strong foundation for ensuring long-term collegiate success.

Prep School Is For Students-Athletes Who:

Have not had the proper amount of exposure
May have struggled with passing ACT/SAT exams
Have not met the NCAA Eligibilty requirements
Have not yet developed physically, mentally, or educationally to play at the next level
Want to spend a year developing skills & improving chances to receive a better offer from
Want to play a more demanding and competitive schedule

Training Benefits

1. Post Grad training is all about development. Everything an athlete needs is available and delivered within our comprehensive program.

2. Our coaches teach the game of basketball while demanding the best performance both mentally and physically.

3. Individually tailored Performance training programs develop faster, stronger, more athletic competitors.

4. Mental Conditioning helps the athlete focus, concentrate, and feel comfortable and confident under the pressure of competition.

5. Leadership, communication and life skills development are all key aspects of this Post Grad experience.

6. Competition is scheduled in appropriate proportion to training objectives. The emphasis is long-term development, not short-term wins...

7. We will provide student-athletes with national exposure to the collegiate coaching network.

8. A Post Grad year should enhance the opportunity to secure the best possible college scholarship offer.

9. Athletes will enter college with a full 4 years of eligibility remaining, which is not the case via the junior college route.

Academic Training

1. Earn college credit by taking two or three transfereable classes each semester.

2. Enhance your high school GPA.

3. Repair your high school GPA.

4. Take SAT/ACT test prep courses.

5. Work one-on-one with our coaches to get help with college placement and NCAA compliance.